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About Guesskaro

What, why, how, who, when, where are the words that determine our lives. We identify questions with these words and the more comfortable we are with them, better off we are in our day to day lives. Our ability to explore the world through these questions shape us into who we have become or will become. It depends entirely on the outlook we have, if we are friends or foes with these words.

This is why, the team Guesskaro has come up with this new exciting service in, that has a very simple philosophy at the heart of it: We want us to be the best friends with questions. We strive to be buds with anything that has a question mark (?). We don't differentiate, categorise, or look down upon anything that anyone has to ASK. We firmly believe in something we keep saying to each other within the team:

"Questions are never Silly, not having then certainly is,
Ask what you want, answer what you can!"

So, come and let us build this community together, let us forge the foundation of tomorrow by asking today and creating a platform where asking is simply asking! Nothing more, nothing less!